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League Rules

This includes: Monday 4-Man, Tuesday 2-Man, Wednesday 2-Man, and Thursday Augusta and Oakmont.

  • League will begin the week of April 15th and conclude with position night the week of August 26th.

  • New players will multiply the difference of their gross score, minus par, by 90% to determine their handicap and net score for the first night of league play. Once you have posted one (1) score, you have an established league handicap.

    Once a player has four (4) posted scores, the one (1) worst score will be taken out, and your handicap will be based off of the best three (3) scores of the last four (4).

    Once a player has five (5) or more posted scores, the two (2) worst scores will be taken out, and your handicap will be based off of the best three (3) scores of the last five (5).

  • Players will now only have one league handicap index regardless of whether they play on multiple league nights. All league scores will be used regardless of night played utilizing the formula listed above.

    Exception: Players in Wednesday Night Best Shot League do not formulate a handicap; therefore, those scores will not be used in the formulation of league handicap index for any other night’s league play.

  • QUADRUPLE BOGEY RULE. The maximum number of strokes you are allowed to score is a quadruple bogey. For example, if you are on a par 3 the max number of strokes you can take is 7. Same goes for par 4’s with an 8 and par 5’s with a 9.

  • PACE OF PLAY. Teams will be allowed 15 minutes to complete each hole. Rounds should last no more than 2 hours 15 minutes. The following procedure will be put in place: 1st offense of slow play a warning will be given along with new time limits to catch up. 2nd offense of slow play your 3 possible team points for the night will be forfeited. 3rd and final offense for slow play will be loss of all possible points for your match.

    *** If every golfer plays ready golf this should not be an issue!!!

  • If a team does not field a full team, they will automatically forfeit the team points, however, the players that are present can still win individual points in the matches. Teams that don’t field a full team must leave the D position empty. If missing two players leave the C and D slots empty, etc.

  • All players are welcome to play the gold, white, blue, or combo tees. However, once you begin a season on a certain set of tees (gold, white, blue, or combo), you must stay on those tees throughout the remainder of the season for handicapping purposes. Black tees or blue/black combo tees are not to be used for league play.

  • We will have a rotating schedule for roster line-ups. (ABCD) Check the league schedule for the appropriate line-up for the evening. This gives everyone a chance to play with different members of their team throughout the year.

  • In the event of a ball struck out of bounds or lost (not in a penalty area), we will utilize the local USGA rule which allows for the ball to be dropped within 2 club-lengths in the fairway that is being played no closer to the hole.

    In the case of a ball struck out of bounds – the ball must be dropped between the point where the ball crossed the OB marker, and the edge of the closest fairway (plus 2 club-lengths), no closer to the hole. The penalty to use this local rule is 2 strokes.

    In the event that a ball becomes lost (NOT in a penalty area), the player may drop between the point where he feels the ball could possibly have come to rest, and the closest fairway (plus 2 club-lengths), no closer to the hole. The penalty to use this local rule is 2 strokes.

    The player always has the option to re-hit from the point where they last struck the shot under a penalty of 1 stroke.

    If your ball is lost in a penalty area (any area marked by red stakes or native grass), the player has the following options - all are a one (1) stroke penalty:

    1. The player may drop within two club lengths of the point where the ball crossed into the penalty area - no closer to the hole.

    2. The player may drop on an infinite line consisting of the point where the ball entered into the penalty area, and the flagstick - no closer to the hole.


    3. The player may re-hit from the point where they last struck the shot.

  • Any sub without an established league handicap must be inserted into the lineup where the team feels his skill level would place him. The sub is not to be automatically inserted into the position for the player he is subbing for.

  • A player must hole out unless his opponent has conceded a putt. An opponent may not concede a shot that is not a putt. However, players are encouraged to “pick up” once the stoke limit (quadruple bogey) has been reached.

  • Any player searching for a lost ball will be given a MAXIMUM of 3 minutes search time. If the 3 minutes expires and the ball is not found, the player must proceed under the lost ball or penalty area ruling - whichever is applicable.

  • Teams must turn scorecards into the golf shop within 15 minutes of their completed league round. If a team does not turn their scorecard in, they will receive 0 points for that week.

  • If the course is CART PATH ONLY due to course conditions, everyone will be playing lift, clean & place on the course, and also rake, clean and place in the bunkers. Bunkers will be in play unless posted by Meadows Staff.

  • Team entry fees will be $100 for all 4 person leagues, and $50 for 2 person leagues.

  • 75% of league pot will be paid out to all teams based on final results. The other 25% will be paid to the top 3 teams in the year end league standings.

  • At no time can a player receive more than 2 strokes per hole regardless of handicap index.

  • Non-members will not be permitted to play extra holes prior to, or after their scheduled match. Unlimited playing privileges are covered in purchasing membership to The Meadows, not a league green fee.

  • ​All players are required to check into the golf shop prior to the start of their league round, and all teams are required to submit their team roster for the evening prior to play.

  • If your team has a designated starting hole you MUST START ON THAT HOLE.

  • All individuals participating in Men’s League either as a regular player or a sub must be at least 16 years or older.

  • All players must have a valid receipt prior to league play and be able to display the receipt upon request by Meadows staff.

  • ​The temperature at the time of the 1st scheduled league start time must be 50 degrees or warmer. Temperatures below 50 degrees will result in the cancellation of league play. In the event of cancellation, a representative from The Meadows will send out an email to participants notifying them of the cancellation.